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who we are


Sweetest place in town

- Winners of Cupcake Wars -

We opened our doors for the first time in Soulard on April, 20th 2013 and the love from the neighborhood has been amazing! Our building experienced a horrible fire on October 17th 2016, where we lost everything and were shut down for over 9 months. During this time we redesigned our space and chose to come back stronger than ever! 


We wanted our customers to be able to come into our shop and be a part of the experience. You can watch the team work their magic in the back of the house while you enjoy your desserts & drinks!


husband & wife who started it all

Hello, my name is Jenna. This crazy cake adventure all started with my love for art. Painting, sculpting, and creating with mixed media has always inspired me.

My mom use to make cakes for our family and friends and I started helping her....I was hooked. It became another form of media for me! Then I started to make the cakes for friends and family... I played around with different techniques and learned in our home kitchen. Word got out and orders started coming in....  


As requests for cakes grew, so did my husbands interest. Jason often enjoyed making breads, pastries and his favorite- cookies! His grandfather Art was a baker for 40+ years. So baking was is in his blood. Jason began helping me with some of the baking and building cake stands and bases for my cakes. Not long after he found a knack for carving and sculpting cake! Jason is quite the artist! 


With the two of us in the kitchen, we started experimenting with cupcakes and different flavor combinations. "What if we did this" or "what if we add that" became some very common phrases. This is when we decided that a cupcake truck was in order. In March of 2011 we launched "Georgie" our Cupcake Truck! Since then, we were asked to be on Food Network Cupcake Wars. Not only was it an honor to be chosen, but it was a thrill to bring home a win!!!!!! (winning episode Season 6 "angry birds"). Then 4 months later Food Network called us back for a second appearance on the hit show Cupcake Wars where we were finalists. A few years later they had us back where we competed and came in second on Food Network CAKE WARS in 2016.  WHAT AN ADVENTURE THIS HAS BEEN! 


Today, we are lucky enough to have a charming bakery and storefront on one of the best corners in Historic Soulard! We are so grateful!

We are steadily growing with the help of our amazing team!!! 


Jenna & Jason Siebert


We wouldn't be where we are today without our amazing team! We are a small shop that has so much personality!! Each member of our team is awesome!! We are thankful for all their hard work and effort they provide to make our bakery as sweet as it is.....

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