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Welcome to The Sweet Divine -

We are thrilled to be in our "next chapter" and this new way of life, as we share our love for baking with you in a different way... We will be launching our recipes that you can download from our recipe page. We will be releasing a new recipe as often as we can so keep checking back with us. Our book is in the works! In the meantime, grab one of our recipes to bake our delicious desserts at home, as you tap into your creative power! Enjoy!


After 13 years, we have decided to close the doors to The Sweet Divine brick & mortar bakery and truck.  

We (Jenna & Jason) have decided to retire from the bakery life! Early retirement has been a dream come true for us! 


Being a small business owner has been an amazing and rewarding experience, and one we are forever grateful for. There have been some crazy hurdles along the way but we have persevered and came out stronger every single time. We are beyond grateful. We have had countless television appearances and awards for our business that we are so very thankful for and feel blessed for all of these experiences. Seriously, this business has been a ride and we have enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to everyone for your support all these years! And we want to thank all of our employees who have shared in part of our sweet journey!

Please know that making the decision to close the physical bakery was one we did not take lightly. It has been a huge honor serving you in person for the past 13 years!

Next up... The digital world! We will be writing our recipe book and our bakery life story! We will also be sharing our recipes for you to purchase and download. This is going to be such a fun way of still being a part of your life, just in a different way :)


Jenna & Jason

The Sweet Divine

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